Easy to use schedule management solution, no installation required and definitely no third party integrations needed.

Manage your schedules anytime, anywhere.
Send notifications to clients for their scheduled appointments.
Receive reminder emails for overdue payments or cancelled appointments.
As soon as you sign up, you have your own schedule website for you and
your clients to see.
Not only that, our pricing options are very affordable that will suit your needs. Starting @ $4.95 per month, you can add 50 clients and post up to 50 schedule availabilities in a month!

Michelle Ireland - Dental Hygienist

Lesson Times has given me the time to run my business and has completely eliminated patient no-shows. The email reminders alone are worth every penny! Since implementing this system, just about every patient that walks in my door tells me how easy their booking was.

Get Organized, Stay Organized
There are no Hidden Fees - Guaranteed!