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Manage your Clients:
You can add your clients into the system easily. Also easy to lookup the scheduled lessons or appointments.

Manage your calendar:
Lesson Times provides you with an easy to use calendar to manage your openings. Your clients can book right on your website with your Lessons Times account.

Support for multiple instructors and multiple locations:
If your business has multiple instructors or locations, you can manage very easily. 'Instructor' is by default, Lesson Times is flexible such that you can change to suit your business type like 'Dentist', 'Doctor', 'Hygienist', 'Teacher' etc.

All day and all year bookings:
Your clients can now book a lesson or appointment with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are notified via email every time someone books a lesson or appointment with you.

Collect payments via credit card, check or good old cash!
Your clients can pay for their lessons or appointments with you online and instantly. This is all part of the Lesson Times system. This means you can be paid every day of the year!

Automated Email Reminders:
You can set upto 4 reminders for the lessons or appointments, which will be sent out automatically to the clients in the chosen time before the lesson or appointment. You can even disable the reminder, if you like.

Send custom personalized emails:
Lesson Times allows you to send custom personalized emails to your client so easily.

Upload your custom logo:
Lesson Times allows you to customize your site with your custom logos which helps to display your brand to your clients. The emails sent out from your system will include your custom logo also.

Offer lesson or appointment packages:
Getting paid upfront for the next 10 lessons or appointments has its benefits. Offer a discount for package purchases. You can create your own packages with your Lesson Times account.

Management Tools:
You can easily manage all your clients with the click of the mouse. Send out an email from the system to all or a few of your clients.

Get your schedule online
You can preset exact times that your clients can book with you or open an entire day or time frame that your clients can view and book a lesson or appointment with you.

Appointments or Lessons:
  • Lesson Times can create, accept, and cancel lessons or appointments.
  • Lessons or Appointments during any time period can be viewed and managed.
  • Lesson or Appointment can be shown in different colors in the calendar for easy management.

Secure and Private:
Lesson Times have multiple level of security. Its also use High grade SSL encryption to protect your data while you are working in our application.

Lessons or Appointment Scheduling Customizable:
Offer Lessons or appointments with the duration and pricing that are right for you. Set your schedule availability to your preference. You can even add unavailable slots to show your clients that you are unavailable during that specific time.